Sharks - An Original Painting by Michael O'Neal

"Sharks" by Michael O'Neal


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Where's Michael O'Neal? Mike will be in Frederick, Maryland on June 26, 2010, to attend a special event connected to some special flying he recent did. Find out what's been going on behing the scenes!

Mike attended the American WWI USAS/US Air Force Commemoration. The event, held in Saints, Touquin and Mauperthuis, France, honored Quentin Roosevelt and many other pilots from the era...

Mike gave a compelling presentation at the WFA seminar on April 5, 2008. Read about this event and see some of the items that were on display!

Valentine's Day painting selected as cover art for latest edition of Over The Front magazine.

Valentine's Day painting selected to hang in Museum of Flight. Read about this exciting development!

Last Tango Last Tango - Michael O'Neal's latest aviation painting depicting a battle between English DH-2 fighters and their German counterparts.

A Fine Art Painting by

Michael O'Neal.

Featured PaintingMortal - Immortal. A fine original painting by Michael O'Neal

Mortal - Immortal
As seen in
Over The Front magazine
June 2010

Latest Cover
Michael O'Neal's original painting, 'Valentines Day', graces the cover of the latest edition of Over The Front magazine.

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This site is dedicated to World War I Aviation Art and the stories that are behind the great scenes depicted in the artists paintings. Each painting is done in the classic style of painting. This award winning art is available for sale through this site, and the artist is available for commissioned work.

It is our sincere hope that you will get as great a pleasure out of these paintings as the artist gets out of creating them. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the artist. He is always interested in learning about this time period and is willing to share his knowledge. Enjoy the paintings, buy a few, and return often as the collection will continually be added to.

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