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Commissioned WWI Aviation Art



Menckhoff was featured as the cover art for volume 22, number 2, 2007 Over The Front magazine

How To Commission A Painting

There are many ways to commission a painting. You can Contact the Artist and tell him about your idea. Based on the level of involvement you want, you can then either let him interpret your idea, or he can follow a more formal path. Either way you choose, it is always helpful if you share any information (pictures, diaries, log books, etc.) with the artist so that he fully understands what you want done.

A more formal path follows these steps:

  1. Sketches - Can consist of thumbnails or contain details
  2. Color Study - Done after you have approved the sketch
  3. Painting - Final Product

Keep in mind that art is an interpretive activity. Look over the pictures in this site to familiarize yourself with the flavor of the art produced by Michael O'Neal. Once the artist has started on your painting, there is no turning back. Unlike a photograph, paintings are meant to capture the mood and scene as it Might have been in the time period represented. Be assured that as an award-winning and consulted artist with a keen interest in the history of this era, Michael O'Neal will give you a painting that will remain a family treasure for decades to come!

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Escort Duty 18 x 24 1929 Curtiss Fledgling NC-656M over Curtiss Field, Caldwell, New Jersey. Ca. 1929 True First 16 x 28 Battle of Conflans 20 x 30 Click here to visit the Cappy Aerodrome details Page Three x Three   20 Lt. Frank Drummond