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First Blood


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24" x 30"
Oil on Canvas - 1998

First Blood - A Fine Original Painting by Michael O'Neal

$3600 USD

First Blood
(24" x 30” Oil on Canvas - 1998)

“I quickly decided what tactics I would pursue. While Hall went in for his attack, I would maintain my altitude and work towards a position on the other side of the Pfalz, hoping to cut off his retreat.”

Captain James Normal Hall was moving into position to fire on the Pfalz. Depicted here flying his “White 17” already had two prior victories to his credit scored while with the 103rd Aero Squadron. Now with the 94th – the Hat in the Ring – Hall had lead the inexperienced Rickenbacker on the late afternoon patrol.

Just moments after positioning himself above the Pfalz , Lt. Edward V.Rickebacker fired 150 rounds into the German forcing it to land near Baussant. It was the first of 26 victories for America’s World War One “Ace of Aces”.

Editor's NoteThis picture is of an original piece of fabric from the White 17 depicted in this painting.

When Mike and his wife Nannette were in Arizona they visited a house that had an original piece of the fabric from the plane depicted in this painting. With the permission of the owner, they took a picture of it. The piece of fabric that the family had is shown to the right and includes the famous hat insignia.