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Lieutenant Stark – Jasta 35b

Stark - A commissioned painting by Michael O'Neal

Lieutenant Stark – Jasta 35b
(5" x 7 Oil on Canvas 2003)

Born in 11 February 1897, Rudolf Stark was a well decorated infantry man before transferring to aviation in 1917.  He served with Jastas 34 and 77,s coring his first 6 victories with these units before being appointed to command Jasta 35b in mid-1918.  Stark would eventually score 11 confirmed victories and survive the war.

His Fokker D.VII depicted here was flown as Jastafuhrer of Jasta 35b. His personal markings of a light lilac nose, tail and fuselage band contrasting nicely with the printed fabric camouflage.  A replica of this airplane, resplendent in Stark’s 1918 markings, is on display at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio.